IQ, Intelligence and Genetics

Feb 04, 13 IQ, Intelligence and Genetics

Often suspected psychologists have developed, with which IQ means a measure of intelligence, a tool of domination whose main use is the recruitment of “elites” and the stigma of “idiots”. This reminds obviously dark episodes in the history of humanity, nobility to racial segregation.

Intelligence and Genetics

Intelligence and Genetics

Theories of intelligence often appear grotesque, unhealthy. First, it is not unlikely that it can be measured by a single number as something impalpable and diversiform is intelligence? Then is it not legitimate to fear that the abuse of intelligence tests could lead to lock people into boxes? Many school psychologists are now complaining that makes them machines IQ, relegating human contact in the second plan to achieve productivity targets more drastic.

But the worst part is that this rumor is deafening claiming that genes are responsible for our intelligence. Drifts policy options are obvious. Based on these allegations, some people fear that while the power to be able to easily justify the submission of the disadvantaged classes and the growing power of an “elite” people superiorly intelligent by nature and birth.

Regardless of the plausibility of these concerns, we can look objectively at the facts and data in our possession. Intelligence is measurable? What exactly IQ? How genes influencing them? These are the questions we try to answer in this case partially.